1 Save Girl Children Number of Girl children supported with Dress Materials
Nutrition package
2 Malnutrition Number of children supported with Nutritious package to reduce malnutrition 52
3 Strengthen Creche Number of Government Creche supported with playing materials 12
4 Income Generation Number of Girl child families supported with Milk Animal 35
5 Income Generation Number of Destitute elders supported with Goats 30
6 Education Number of girls assisted with School Uniforms 25
7 Health Number of people with HIV assisted with family support 15
10 Training Number of women attended Capacity building Training 100
10 Children Mela Number of children benefited under Children Mela 350
11 Evening Education Number of children benefited under Evening Education Centre 500
12 Counselling Number of Families benefited under Family Counselling session 62
13 Awareness Number of people known about Spirulina and its health usage 500
15 Health Number of Elders benefited under Medical Camp 250