Prevention of Female Infanticide

We have been implementing number of programs to motivate the families to love girl children.   We announced the superiority of the female leaders; President of India, Speaker of Indian Parliament, Chief Minister of New Delhi and other States and the International Female Leaders.   We organized seminars and workshops for village people to explain the Government Schemes for Girl Children – to convince them to accept with the girl children.  We have achieved very good percentage of success on this score, but still we have to go a bit far to achieve hundred percent.  We adopt the following measures to prevent female foeticide and infanticide:

Registration of Pregnant Mothers:

The mothers getting second pregnancy are registered by WED Trust staff through house visits.  This is to follow thoroughly through the delivery to help both the Mother and the Child.

Organize Meetings of the Pregnant Mothers:

We organize periodical meetings for the pregnant mothers with Health Worker and Women leaders.  Through these meetings, the pregnant mothers are able to clarify their doubts on pregnancy, health care and nutritious food.  We take this chance to explain about the Women Leaders to sow the seeds of accepting the girl child into the minds of the mothers.

Monitoring Child birth:

WED Trust staff monitor the child birth of the pregnant mothers through their family members and the Village Leaders.  Safe and secure delivery for all the pregnant mothers is assured through Primary Health Centre.

Scan Centre monitoring:

WED Trust is one of the active members at the District Advisory Committee for Scan Centre which permits the existence of Scan Centre and monitors its activities. We give our innovative ideas to save girl children.

Birth Day gifts for second girl child:

We give special gifts for parents who have second girl child as an encouragement. The gifts include dresses, nutritious food and play things for mother and child.

Micro Credit for girl child families:

The families with only girl children are helped with micro credit for income generation programs to improve their family income and to alleviate the humiliation from the society.