Board of Trustees

Nallamayan. Logamani is one of the founders of WED Trust.  She is a spinster coming from a tiny village Gandhinagar at the outskirts of Chellampatti.   She had her Masters degrees on History and Politics at Madurai Kamaraj University.  She started working as a school teacher at a matriculation school.  Later she joined with an NGO working on prevention of female infanticide in this area. She worked with them to improve the status of the female children.  Being helped to come up to this position by social workers, she always had in mind of helping the poor at the grass root level of the society with special attention to girl children.  She attended a number of capacity building trainings and received Best Social Worker awards twice.  She has the capacity to implement the women development projects. She is good in Counseling. 

Mr.PS.Dharma Neethi
Dharma Neethi is an energetic youngster of 43 years, who is one of the founders of the WED Trust. He is qualified master degree on Rural Development Science and has been completing his law degree. He has enlarged his experiences in human advancement at field level by his services committed in various reputed voluntary organizations. He has been in the field of social work for the past 22 years and has deep concern on comprehensive development of women. He is married gifted with two girl children. .

He is well qualified to impart trainings with suitable modern faculty techniques and can adopt PRA methods. He can formulate achievable action plans and is able to implement the same successfully. Undergone a number of trainers’ trainings and attended International Resource mobilization workshop at Sri Lanka. He is a good singer, actor and human resource manager. He took his name to the Guinness Book of world records by partaking in non-stop cultural performances of 57- 1/2 hours in 1999.   

Sowtha Nijamudeen is from Madurai, born in a Muslim family.  She is a graduate in Commerce and worked as an accountant with an NGO at Madurai.  She married with two children and is interested in service activities. 

Sinnakaruppayee Thilagar is a qualified secondary grade teacher.  She has three girls and one boy and she is more concern with girls.  She educated her own girls into doctorate and master degrees and helped others to send girls for higher education.   She worked at schools for more than thirty years and got promoted to be the Headmistress of Government School, Sangampatti.  During her service as a Teacher, she used to help her students and the villagers she worked on their needs.  WED Trust works in those villages and so she was well connected with us.   When she retired in 2008, she offered to become a Trustee and with the unanimous consent of our Trustees, she was admitted into WED Trust.  She is good at carrier guidance and planning programmes.


Vijayarani Manoharan is a graduate in Sociology and working in Social Welfare Department.  She is more interested in development activities and helped villagers who approached her at her office in their needs.  She is good at planning child welfare programmes.