Higher education support for girl children:

We give special attention on girls’ education by providing educational material support motivating the poor parents sending their girls for higher education.

Computer Education for drop-out adolescent girls:

Rural poor adolescent drop out girls are provided with Computer Education to ensure well paid and decent job.

Skill Development Education Centre

These Centre are run in villages in an appreciable way which developed the children not only academically but also in extra-curricular activities including savings, personality development, street theatre performances. Children assemble at the centre after school neat and tidy and do their home works given by their teachers with the help of the staff. Special attention for week students is given to improve them in their curriculum. One of the major issues educated at these centres is Gender Equity, giving awareness to the male children participating in all their household works not girls alone do them normally.

Children are given awareness on keeping the environment of their village clean and green. Parents are given awareness about this centre and periodical meetings are organized to share their experiences and ideas.  All the villagers are appreciate this program and in their own words” Children are turned upside down on the positive side”. The national days of importance CHIILDRENS DAY is being celebrated with active participation of rural children.