Labours Rights Day

To observe the May Day, Women’s Emancipation and Development Trust organized an awareness public meeting on 8th May 2015 for the agricultural labourers at Pannian Village under Chellampatti Block of Madurai District, Tamilnadu.

In her welcome address Ms.N.Logamani founder Trustee of WED Trust explained the overall work of WED Trust and the importance of the May Day as Labours Rights Day.


Mr.V.P.Murugan – Union Secretary of CPI (Marxist) – Chellampatti has attended as Chief Guest and delivered the special address on history and the importance of May Day that has been celebrated at international level every year. Now we have a Right and liberty to work only for 8 hours a day is the result of a long struggle by our forefathers in 1886 at Chikkaco – USA.  Still we face number of issues like unequal wages, poor facilities at the work spot, exploitation, unorganized etc., that can be achieved when we all join together and raise our voice continuously.


In his key note address Mr.S.Dharma Neethi – founder Trustee WED Trust has insisted the duty of all the labour when we claim our rights. He explained about the poor performance of the labour work at the Rural Employment Gaurantee Program implemented in parts of Tamilnadu. He insisted the labours to give their best effort in the deepening of pond/well which will ultimately help to solve the acute water problem we face today.  He motivated the participants to go behind and support labours movement / federation / network or political party which upholds their rights.

Ms.V.Vasanthamala – President of Panniyan panchayat presided over the function and praised such activities of WED Trust which improves the lives of poor and labours of their area. Mr.V.Vasudevan community leader of Pannian village has encouraged the sincere work of both Pannniyan Panchayat and WED Trust to increase the unity and coordination among the agricultural labours.


Mr.Paraman – Senior leader of CPI (M) – Chellampatty has requested the participants to secure their rights of liberty and equal wages in the coming years.  He explained his experience of stories to uphold the rights of agricultural labours in the block.

150 agricultural labour from Pannian, Chokkanathapuram, Perumalpatti were actively participated.Mrs.P.Usharani – Co-ordinator of WED Trust delivered vote of thanks.


Women’s Day Celebration

Date: 11.03.2015

Venue: WED Trust Office Premises
Participants: 250 mothers with only daughters from 30 villages in Chellampatti block.

Women’s day celebration was organized on 11.03.2015 at WED Trust training centre – Chellampatti by 10 a.m.  Ms.Logamani – Founder of WED Trust welcomed the gatherings and added the importance of celebration organised specially for the only girl child families.  In her presidential address Mrs. Rukumani – Mukkia Sevika (MS) Chellampatti Panchayath Union Office mentioned the brave women in India and their achievements in social work. She also revealed various welfare schemes available for women and children from Tamilnadu Government.


Mrs. Vasanthamala – President of Panniyan Panchayat expressed her own story that she has one son and one daughter and both are mentally retarded despite looking after them she discharge her duty as panchayath president. So the women should come forward to politics to practice their decision making power.




Mr.Dharma Neethi – Founder of WED Trust encouraged the participants to treat boys and girls as equal by providing equal freedom and control. Ask men to do some housekeeping work from the childhood level so that he understand the problems of mother, sister and wife and hence he would not be cause for any domestic violence. If the present situation on birth rate of girls continues to exist, the men will come forward to give dowry for his marriage in the next decade. 


Then Mrs.Pasupathy – President of Pullaneri Panchayat has presented the status of women in the society. Women are still depending on by husband and Son. These practices should be changed and can be done by proper education and social awareness. Women should raise their own income through self employment or small business for self reliant.

Mrs.Rohini Devi – Retired Professor of Sri. Meenakshi College – Madurai advised the women to train their children that they should control over their body and no one should touch without her acceptance. She describes the importance of higher education for our daughters that will only provide safe and security in future. She provokes the development of women and girls in the Nation by singing a song.

Participants were happy to take part in the meeting and three participants have shared their experiences and happy over the inputs which gave lot of encouragement for the future. 


WED Trust in Australian Newspaper - Just a girl

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Visit of Rajashree and her focus on development activities of WED Trust

Ms.Rajasahree Variyar aged 23; non-residential Indian (NRI) working in a bank at Australia has made a visit to gather information on social service activities of women’s Emancipation and Development Trust during 21.12.2014 to 28.12.2014. She focused on female infanticide and women empowerment.

She has interested to prepare a schedule of visit place with the help of the staff team.  She went to government crèche and primary school and met the children.  Children are happy to enjoy with the playing materials supplied by the WED Trust and primary school children learn fundamental education with the support of simple education materials. 

She visited Skill Development Education Centers run by WED Trust.  She appraises various activities of the centre with the help of students and teachers. Students are interested to participate the visit and shared their thoughts and values with Rajashreee.

She visited to Primary Health Centre at Chellampatti and made discussion with Medical Officer and Staff regarding health services, in and out patients scan centre, ANC and PNC mothers and then infrastructures in the hospital.

Discussion with WED Trust board members regarding the welfare scheme implemented in target areas and future plans.  She met beneficiaries of two girl children family, families who have done female infanticide and their life changes after involving with WED Trust.  She also gained knowledge about achievements gained by the Trust with the support of other NGOs and Government in preventing female infanticide and feticide.  The habitual changes occurred in the minds of each and every one with proper counselling and care provided by WED Trust.  She participated as a guest and distributed welfare packages to only girl child families, new born girls, poor higher education girls etc.,



A Visit to Skill Development Education Centre

Education leads man to move in the right direction in the life.  Gandhiji said, “the greatness of a Nation is measured by how it treats the weaker persons in the society”.  However, this is proved in Kilapatti Village with the help of   Evening Education Centre.  On 20th July 2013, as soon as we reached there, neat and well dressed 23 children including 8 girls stood and coarsely welcomed us.

The children were sitting on the clean floor outside the home (fenced with thorny bushes) of the teacher, Mr. Maruthupandian. We found all the children actively participating in their home work classes. We, the founder of WED Trust - Ms.Logamani and Mr.Dharama Neethi explained the importance and necessity of this Evening Education Centre in improving their knowledge and skills. More interestingly, we spent nearly an hour with the children and following are some of the voices of the children.

1.Harini studying in 6th standard expressed her happiness over the centre which increased her reading habits.    “I have scored 90% marks when compared to last month”, she said.  She also added, “I could complete my home work well in advance and my parents were happy about my improvement in my academic side and my performance at home”.
2. 4th standards Subash,  Thilagavathi  studying 3rd standard wrote two sentences in the black board and smiled at all of us in a pleasant manner.  We were happy when she wrote Tamil letters legitimately.  Sethu Prabakaran studying in 5th standard was glad that he improved his handwriting for which his class teacher rewarded him with a pen.

All the children organized a cleaning campaign held on 17th of this month at the village which gained the applause of the public. Selvi and Ganesh expressed their happiness of using cloth bags instead of plastics.

Mayakkannan (56) residing near the Children Centre expressed his gratitude to the WED Trust and the teacher for leading the village children to a modern citizen. He also wanted to continue this important project till the children understand and take up responsibility by their own.
We boarded our vehicle with more joy, happiness, satisfaction and with our hearts overwhelming with fulfillment for what we longed for while all the children waved their hands at us.

Women’s Emancipation and Development Trust
Spirulina Promotion Campaign to Combat Malnutrition

Spirulina – An Introduction

Seemingly simple, aquatic, microscopic, spiral shaped, blue green algae, is one of the most concentrated sources of nutrition known to man. Spirulina is an immortal descendent of the first photosynthetic life form. Spirulina is exceedingly adaptable and occurs in a wide variety of environments including fresh water, tropical springs, saltwater and saltpans.

Spirulina contains an amazing array of vital nutrients, such as high quality Protein, minerals, Vitamins, Enzymes and Pigments- all very important for our body function and good health.
The nutritional bounty hidden within Spirulina is mind numbing!  A dose of Spirulina delivers more of the micronutrients required daily by the human body than traditionally cherished foods like Milk, Egg, Carrots, Greens, Meat etc.,

The wide mix of micronutrients in Spirulina bestows Spirulina with a versatile role as a nutrient. Be it the new born, young, healthy, health conscious or the convalescing – Spirulina is useful to all.

Why we are promoting spirulina?

It is well known that Usilampatti Taluk was notorious for female infanticide and feticide as traditional old social habit. WED Trust work with local communities in that Taluk for more than two decades and changed the social behavior so that it saved many lives of female infants and girl friendly houses, gender equity habits and women rights culture were promoted. During the travel in the social road, we discovered that more number of boys, girls and young mothers are having health issues caused by under nutrition. Apart from the said reality of the area, we were in position to work with these segments and then we planned to promote Spirulina as supplementary food for improving physical and mental health.


Main aims of the spirulina promotion are

  • Primarily to combat malnutrition among rural children and women. 
  • Bring women with improved skills and decent self employment opportunity.
  • Improve the health and socio economic status of rural people.
Awareness Campaign

Children have been malnourished that set back the holistic development include education. Awareness on the nutrition based supplements was spread in 23 schools. Health benefits of Spirulina candy was explained with children.

Adolescent girls living in rural parts are another important group having reproductive health issues caused by malnutrition. But they do not know the reasons, Special group meetings were organized with these girls, counseled them on health issues at first and then input lectures were given. Sessions dealt with their physical weakness and told that Spirulina tablets are the best supplement for the girls to keep good health and memory. Spirulina users shared their experiences before the children and adolescent girls that impressed them lot. 35 meetings with a total of 2000 participants of 50 planned meetings were conducted in karumathur, Valandur, Panian, Kodikulam and Kananur Panchayats. Banners with Spirulina cultivation and health benefits were displayed in a meeting in the participation of 30 - 50 rural people. Staff explained the subjects pictured in the banners. Doubts of the viewers were cleared over the feedback session. Spirulina candy and tablets were sold for the mass at the conclusion of the meeting. Project staff follows these villages.

Future plan
  • Promote nutrition awareness among children, adolescent girls and parents through health education and media strategies
  • Provide trainings to bring more women as Spirulina micro entrepreneurs
  • Promote  production unit as the  self employment  and livelihood source for rural women
  • Extend the mix of  Spirulina  with other eatables like fruit mix, Juice mix, milk mix, etc
  • Researching the ways to convert Spirulina into value added food products
  • Spread  Spirulina products as a  healthy supplementary food
  • Upgrade the byproducts of Spirulina  and find new social markets

Workshop on Gender Sensitization

WED Trust believed that gender bias practiced in the family is the main reason for pushing back the women empowerment.  By the past experience, we learnt that gender justice could be achieved when we successfully practice gender equity with the cooperation of the men in the family. In this view, we conducted a work shop on Gender Sensitization at training hall of WED TRUST in Chellampatti on 16th March 2013. It was quiet interesting for the 32 families having only two girl children including 5 men who were participating in the workshop.

Both women and men participants were having great mental worries that they have not any male child in their family life because they believed that their girl children could not take up the funeral ceremonies.  Over the programme, all of them were delivered.

Workshop contained three main sessions such as input lectures, CD show and feed back. Ms Logamani and Mr. Dharma Neethi handled the sessions and erased the misconceptions in the hearts of participants.  Reasons for the male child birth were explained through science that cleared the myths of the participants. Thereafter participants discussed religious values, cultural values and ritual practices.  Means were explained how they could practice gender justices in their daily life.

CD show explained the incidents of violence against women and encourage women to find ways to tackle the issues. 

Feedback session revealed the meaningful responses of the participants.  Many participants were not known the science of male child formation.  Now they agree that women are not responsible for the girl child birth.  But they accepted that girl children love their parents and keep them better than male children.  They realized that waiting for male infant is nothing but wasting the time.

They ready to treat better their girls as like as boys because they are equal but they have some physical differences that is quiet natural.


Medical Camp for the Elderly People with the support of Ms.Barbara J through Betterplace

On 10th January 2013, WED Trust has organized a Medical Camp for elderly people at WED Trust office, Chellampatti.  25 elderly people including 20 women and 5 men from Mettupatti, Samathuvapuram and Mayankurumpanpatti  were benefited by this medical camp. The medical camp was inaugurated by the Founder Trustees Ms.Logamani and Mr.Dharma Neethi and informed about the importance of the camp and donors. With the guidance of Dr.Ms.Kalaivani MBBS., the Chief Nurse Ms.Selvi has made health check up to all the people. The camp was started 11.00 am and concluded at 01.30 pm. Most of the elders are suffering from knee joint pain, breathing troubles, fever with gold, cough, pressure, sugar digesting problems and sleepless nights.  2 people were asked to be in-patient for some days at the General Hospital, Usilampatti. The program officer of WED Trust Ms.Thilagam, Ms.Epen and college students as volunteers provided medicines like tablets, cough syrub, pain relief ointment, spirulina health tablets and health advices for each person. The elders were thanked the donor Shri.Ms.Barbara J, Betterplace for the noble and timely support.


A brief report on the opening of Office cum Short Stay Home

Dear Friends,
Greetings from WED Trust.

As you all know, WED Trust Office was functioning in a traditional thatched roof office for the past twenty years.  It was the DREAM of the Founders to build concrete building to run WED Trust Office with all facilities.  Our Dream came true on 17th October 2012 – TWENTY YEARS AND A WEEK after the inauguration of our Trust.  Credit goes to one and all, who so kindly donated for our pleasant moving into the ‘NEW OFFICE OF WED TRUST AND SHORT STAY HOME’, a beautiful concrete building.

On 17th October, Wednesday morning, the campus was filled with audience to witness the opening ceremony.  Mr. Deva Manoharan, Director of Antenna Trust, Madurai declared open the WED Trust  NEW OFFICE with loud clapping of the audience.  Mr. Jeyaraman, the Vice Chairman of Chellampatti Panchayat Union opened the SHORT STAY HOME FOR VICTIMS.   

Candles were lighted at the entrance of the new building to announce our aim of driving our darkness of all sorts from the Society.  To prove our ECOFRIENDLY approach, a seedling each to all the 250 attendees were supplied with the request of planting and growing them to help the ECO SYSTEM.   All the VIPs were presented with shawls to show our gratitude for all their kind support on our developments.  The list of donors both local and abroad were noted in a big board and placed in front of the new building to announce their kind support on the completion and magnificent structure of the new building.   All the participants were offered sweet, vadai and hot milk.

With warm regards,



Direct Livelihood support for Poor

Dear Donors, Volunteers and Readers,

Between Apirl to September 2012, WED Trust has supported directly to 45 rural poor people through the following categories. We thank all individual donors and Give India for making this causes possible.

Sl.No Type of Support No.of Beneficiaries
1 Sponsor 2 goats to a destitute elderly person 5
2 Help a malnourished child for three months  to become healthy child 36
3 Give a chance for a new born baby girl to survive 10
4 Sponsor a poor Girl’s High School education for a year 5
5 Donate play materials for a Government Creche for poor children 10
6 Food & Medical support for the family of HIV infected person for 2 months 5

We happy to provide you a Case Story in each category as follows.

Sponsor 2 goats to a destitute elderly person

Mrs.N.Karuppayee 63 years old widow w/o Nataraj is living at Munduvelampatti who does not have any property of her own,but agricultural coolly work is her only life saving income.  Karuppayee has a small family of one son and one daughter who have married. All the two children of her are not in a position to look after her and she lives alone with her coolly income.  Fortunately, she has a healthy physique and is able to go for coolly works.  She joined with the WED Trust’s ELDERS SELF HELP GROUP and started with the monthly savings scheme of Rs. 50 a month.  With WED Trust’s Elders’ beneficial Scheme, we provided two goats for her on 07//07/2012 and she is able to graze them at the nearby fields.  She has high hopes of earning an income of Rs.500 a month on the selling of the multiplied goats later. 

Help a malnourished child for three months  to become healthy child

Selvi. Janani born in 2009 for Ratha and Rakkan at Pannian village under Chellampatti Block.  When Janani born, she was under weight and found learning disability when she grows. She was not healthy both physical and mental when compared to her age.  Ratha was much worried and depressed as her child was much dull from other same age group.  Ratha is from poor dalit community working as an agricultural labour and could not meet the economical needs of her child to feed better nutrients food as Doctor advised.  We have supported Janani with highly nutrients food pockets consists of Wheat, Raagi, Ravai, Bengal Gram, Green Dhal, Oil, Palm sugar, Egg, Milk powder and Spirulina Candies for a period of three months from July 2012.    Janani is being given training to intake the nutrients food at the regular intervals and she seems much improvements. 

Give a chance for a new born baby girl to survive

Baby Gansika Shri D/o Geetha and Kasimayan born on 12.05.12 at Mumoorthinagar under Chellampatti Block of Madurai District. They belong to dalit community working as an agricultural labour. Geetha has already had a girl child Kaviya aged about 3 years old. The couple expected a male child but they disappointed when they have got a female infant again.  Their relatives did not appreciate the birth of second girl child. We visited the family and counseled, prepared them to accept the girl child.  During July 2012, we provided dress materials, soft toys, mosquito net, nutrition food pockets for both mother and child in front of Leaders of women groups. They were happy when we presented the gifts, immediately clothed their child.

Sponsor a poor Girl’s High School education for a year

Selvi. Sangeetha 16 years old daughter of Nagajothi and Dharmar is residing at Pannian under Chellampatti Block of Madurai district. She is studying +1 in the Government Higher Secondary School, Checkanurani. Sangeetha father expired .Her parents are from most backward community working as agricultural labours.   Sangeetha born with other one brother Sanjiv Kumar  who is studying 8th standard. When Sangeetha completed 10th standard, she was forced to stop the school and to go for some coolly work to improve the income of the family to help her brother to complete his study. Sangeetha felt helpless and requested with the Women Self Help group of their village, who referred her to WED Trust.

We supported her studies with school uniforms, notebooks, stationeries, school bag, tiffin carrier and chapel for the year 2012-13.  Sangeetha wanted to become a nurse in future and she wants to be first rank from 10th rank at present.

Donate play materials for a Government Creche for poor children

The Child Welfare Centre is functioning at Gandhinagar village from the year 2011.  Around 20 kids; 9 male and 11 female who are below 5 years are attending this Centre regularly.  The centre is provided with educational and playing materials by your generous donation.   Charts, pictures and other teaching materials are used to educate the kids.  They feel easy while learning.   They make use of them, play well, ride tricycle and enjoying their child hood.  They learn counting, singing, dancing, storytelling, identify and naming birds, plants, parents, family and human organs. They are very happy and creative. The parents of these children are so happy for sending their children to the Centre.  The Kids are having much interest for learn schooling skills.  When the kids reach school age, they are enrolled in the nearby Primary schools.  Play materials fascinated these kids because they have no access to these things in their homes.  They improved their sportive values that help to build up both physical and mental abilities.

Food & Medical support for the family of HIV infected person for 2 months

Ms.Sutha aged about 33 w/o Vakkil Raj has been affected by AIDS since 2009. Her husband died of AIDS during 2010. Ms.Sutha is from poor backward community. Her CD4 is decreased to 956 from 1124 since last one year. She is getting loss of weight and headache with body pain very often. She is regularly taking medicine at local primary health centre. She has one daughter Dharshana who is studying higher education.

We have supported Ms.Sutha with rice and groceries to meet their two month family needs. Ms.Sutha expressed happiness that this support will really help the whole family .

Thanks to our Staff Team



Children Mela On Nutrition

At the 20th August 2012, WED Trust organized a children’s day in Chellampatti. Children from a School in Fribourg, a little town in Switzerland, collected money to realize this day in India, to support children who face a life which is more difficult than their own is. Through Antenna Geneva this support reached WED Trust. WED Trust invited the children of 16 underdeveloped villages. So at least, more than 350 children visited the day and had the chance to learn about the importance of a balanced diet and Spirulina.


The children arrived among 9 o’clock in the morning and the program started at 9.30. Mr. Dharma Neethi, Admin Director of WED Trust, welcomed the children at the day. He noted the evil health impacts of malnutrition during the growth of children and intimated that 75% of every malnutrition start in the age between 1 and 3 years. He gave health tips to improve the health of kids. Then he explained the program of the day. In groups they will visit the different stalls and the Spirulina production field. After this they will hear speeches from the invited guests and the theaters, dances and songs about malnutrition, which some of the children prepared for this day. This seminar will be coordinated by Ms. Logamani, Program Director of WED Trust. Finally they will get lunch around 2 pm.


The WED Trust team elaborated informative stalls with a great variety of charts in tamil with demonstrative picutres. The WED Trust staff and a few volunteers of the near college explained the children the showed things in an easy-comprehensible language.

On the first stall, charts were displayed about the human body and the impacts of malnutrition, the parts of the human body, public health and a chart with slogans about the importance of a correct nutrition. A volunteer explained the clinical effects of malnutrition in an easy-comprehensible language.

On the second stall children learned what a balanced diet means. There were charts about the indian food-pyramide, a calories table, vitamins and minerals. Fresh fruits and vegetables were showed to the children, so they will remember the importance of eating them regularly.

On the third stall, the children saw charts about the Spirulina production and promotion, and the vitamins and nutritions which the Spirulina tablets, candies and juice contain. These charts were explained by a Staff of the WED Trust team. All the children had the chance to see the Spirulina spiral through the microscope. They were all very excited about this new experience, because they never looked through a microsope before.

On the next stall, the children had the possibilty to mesure their height and weight. On the chart was written, for which age which wheight and height is normal. In this way, the children had the possibilty to find out, if their growth is normal or not.

In the middle of all stalls was a kiosk to sell the Spirulina candies. During the program, the children buyed candies for 532 Indian rupees. With the memory and the ladder game of Antenna Nutritec Foundation, the children learned in a playing way about the health and vitamins.

Drawing competition

Six teacher prepared charts with their children in their children education development centers about the vitamins and the environment, which were presented at several stalls for a competition. They made beautiful drawings of fruits, vegetables, animals and much more subjects.

They created models to show the separation of waste. The makers and their teachers explained their stalls to the other children. At the end, the jury agreed, to honor all the six centers for their commitment with the first place.

Visit of the Spirulina production field

All the children were guided through the Spirulina production field. Excited the children walked round the Spirulina tanks while the staff was harvesting. One of the staff explained the process of harvesting Spirulina to the children.

Speeches, theaters, dances and songs

After all children saw the stalls and the Spirulina production field, there was set the seminar, coordinated and moderated by Ms. Logamani. The children listened to the speeches of the invited guests. In the gap of these speeches, the children saw theaters, songs and dances about Spirulina. These were prepared and showed by teachers and their children of some children education development centers. Indian children shape up as good actors, dancers and singers and the children were well amused about the performances. The children will remember the lessons of these shows well.

During the Seminar different invited guests hold their speeches. Mrs. Aarthi Selvendran, Joint Director of Antenna Nutritech Foundation was the chair person for this seminar. She told about the nutritions which we can find in the Spirulina. She asked questions to the kids and got good responses from them. She thanked the WED Trust team for mobilizing so many kids to attend this day. Ms. Sereina, a volunteer from Switzerland, remembered the children about the importance of a good education. She brought the greetings of Selina and Antenna Geneva, and thanked in their name the children in Switzerland and the WED Trust team for the support and organization of this day. Dr. Kalaivani MBBS., DGO., gave an informative lecture with the participation of the children. She asked questions to the kids and they responded very interestingly. Kids gave keen hear, when she told that if their hair became brown and broken, they get pale white tongues and eyes and the skin changes, the kids have anemia. Then she told which food has vitamins and carbohydrates. Ms. Vijayalakhsmi from the Health Department explained the importance of hand washing, fruit eating and vaccination.  Ms. Petchi, Nutrition Worker, told about the role of WED Trust for the welfare of children. She advised the kids to use the Spirulina to improve their health. Mr. Shanmugam from Antenna Trust narrated a short story of a young wood cutter. He tried to teach a lesson that speed is secondary but wisdom has to be primary. Mr. Deva Manoharan, Director of Antenna Trust was the Chief Guest. He distributed prises for the kids and the teachers of the skill development education centers to encourage them. He also told a story about two brothers in a village as a lesson for a wealthy and peace life. We should adjust with our brothers and neighbors. Mr. Anjalo Xavier from WIN Trust explained the body mass index and the malnutrition impacts on school studies. He asked the kids to play well in the morning. He warned them, if they eat less food, they will be physically weak. He advised them, that they shouldn’t watch much TV. Ms. Sinna Karuppayee, Trustee of WED Trust, finally gave vote of thanks.



Finally, at 2.30 pm the children got lunch. They seemed very happy the whole day. Interested they visited all the stalls and the Spirulina production field. Listened attentive to the speeches of the invited guests. The day was well organized, so the children learned much and sure will remember the most of this vitally important information.

New Short Stay House for WED Trust

Dear friend,

I write you as a volunteer staying for one month in Chellampatti visiting WED Trust. I’m Swiss and studying law in the sixth semester at the University of St.Gallen. Every day I learn more about their interesting work and I’m very impressed about the great variety of their projects and also about the achievements through their engagement. Now I write you to tell about the finish of the Short Stay House. The WED Trust Team told me, that this was only possible to be build with your generous donation. I was very happy when I heard this and I made some pictures of the house to show you how it looks like. You will find the document with the pictures attached, I hope you will like it as well as I do. Ms. Logamani and Mr. Dharma Neethi as well as the whole staff of WED Trust are looking forward to move in it soon.

WED Trust reached a total found of RS 1’257’399.00, which is fully used for the construction of the house. The building will be completed with a car shed to keep safety their four wheelers and two wheelers, for which WED Trust still needs RS 100’000. This car shed could also be used for public meetings. On the first floor there are three rooms. One will be used for the staff, one as a documentation room and one as office Ms. Logamani and Mr. Dharma Neethi. On the second floor you find the guest room for visitors or counseling with western bath and the important short stay room for women in emergency. They will find a protected home for themselves and their children as long as they need it. They will be save and get the help they need most. They also can use the kitchen and the bath attached to this room. On the roof is a new water tank and also much space to dry Spirulina and for the ones who want to enjoy the beautiful view.

With this letter I – in the name of myself and the WED Trust team – would like to say thank you for your generous donation, which has made possible the construction of this Short Stay House. The new building will be very useful for the important work of WED Trust. It gives women who are treated with violence the chance to have a place where they are safe and get the help they need. They have the possibility to get out of bad treatment and change their life. Hopefully more such houses are constructed in India in future.

With kind regards,

Sereina Spescha

Short Stay House

First Floor



On the left side: Staff room

On the left side: Staff room

In the middle: Documentation room

On the right side: Office

Second Floor:

Bath Kitchen On the left side: Short Stay room for women
On the right side: Guest or counseling room Toilet Roof:




With the knowledge gained through an Exposure visits to Pondicherry and Trichy on Eco-San Toilet, WED Trust has constructed one model Eco-San Toilet at the Office,  inaugurated on 5th Feb 2012 and start educate people in and around Chellampatti.

Eco-San Toilets are environmental friendly, using less water, fecal matter can become very good compost and the urine and wash water can be used for kitchen garden.

Thanks to Antenna Swiss and India who have given their support to realize this important and innovative project.  We have equipped two Masan from our area to be trained on the construction of the said Toilet from Scope - NGO. These Masan will help people who are interested to build this type of Toilet through their skilled labour.

On the one side wall of the Toilets, we have painted attractive pictures on the impacts of Open Defecation, Septic Tank and Eco-San types of Toilets.  On the other side, pictures depicted on how to use this Eco-San Toilet effectively.   Women and children are gaining knowledge by visiting this toilet. We are sure that Eco-San Toilets can get momentum in future. WED Trust intended to raise funds to promote this Eco-San Toilet in the rural area.


Women’s Day

Women’s Emancipation and Development Trust observed 8th March 2012 as Women’s Day and organized a Seminar on the Role of Women Sangam in Women Development.

The Seminar presided over by the Trustee Ms.Chinna Karuppayee and insisted the need for unity among women to bring success in their efforts. She expressed happy over the developments of women in education in recent years and requested the participants to give more importance TO LIFE SKILL EDUCATION.   Ms.Logamani Program Director of WED Trust welcomed the gathering and briefed about the functions of WED Trust in facilitating Women Sangam to become an independent unit for women development.

Chief Guest of the Day Ms. Selina Haeny Co-ordinator Spirulina of Antenna Switzerland shared her experience of networking of women in Switzerland and its various usages like selecting right courses of education and employment opportunity and insisted the Indian women to become active within their Network of Sangam in India.  

Ms.Kala, Secretary of Maha Sakthi, Periyakulam insisted the role of women Sangam in shaping women into leaders and entrepreneurs.  She compared the Sangam as a Family where every one should play their role to become successful.  She explained the basic good characteristics of leaders.

Ms. Eashwari, Coordinator of Mahalir Munnetra Sangam- an NGO working in Theni District  explained the role of Block level network of women Sangam in bringing up women into the higher level; meeting the higher officials to solve the women issues and proper linkages with banking sectors for micro credits to become active women entrepreneurs.  

Ms. Jothi, witnessed her development as an entrepreneur of Ready made Garments. She was also as one of the ordinary women, who slept in the day time after sending her husband to job. But the women Sangam motivated her to become a tailor first.  She hailed to be the organizer of networking two other women making readymade garments at their village and earns about Rs.15000 per month.   She expressed happy over appointing her husband as Sales Executive of their readymade garments and these three women are giving job to a man in the society. 

Mr.Dharma Neethi, Admin Director of WED Trust explained case studies of the women, who become role models for others in the community.  He requested the women to understand better about the need for women Sangam and its role in developing women into a better position. He appealed the women to participate in the  activities of Sangam, which will help their own development.   They can achieve positive results for both individual and for groups  by becoming active and productive members.

M/s.Thilagavathi, Parameshwari, Rajathi Mokkathai – the leaders of women groups accepted the suggestions given by the speakers and assured to be more active in future. Some of the women who are involved in small scale entrepreneur have requested support with micro –credit for further improvements. 

Around 300 women listened eagerly to the different speeches and were very grateful to share this special day among other Sangam members. The happiness and joy about this event at WED Trust devoted to the women on the occasion of the INTERNATIONAL WOMEN’S DAY took its peak in expressing these feelings in the dances and songs performed by some of the sangam women.

Ms.Thilagam, Coordinator for Women Development Programs of WED Trust proposed vote of thanks.    



Summary of the project:

It was a project supported by National Bank for Agriculture and Rural Development (NABARD) to conduct one day training program for each 30 women members from 15 local SHGs and educated the participants on the rules and regulations of SHG, role and functions of the leaders to lead the SHG into prosperous, encourage the active meaningful participation of the potential members and leaders.  Ultimately the project implemented to bring the awareness on the entrepreneurship among the women which is the guarantee for the poverty elimination in the impoverished farm based women.  Thanks to NABARD changing the life of these women and give the hope for prosperity.

Project activities report:

Inauguration of the training program was held on the first day training 23.04.2012 at WED Trust training hall of Chellampatti, in presence of the guests and 30 women leaders.  After the Welcome address given by Ms. Logamani, Program director of WED Trust, Mr. P.S. Dharma Neethi introduced the guests and explained the main aim of the program.  He thanked the NABARD and strongly noted that training would change the mind set, life style and economic position of all these women participants.

In his inaugural address, Mr.Shankar Narayan, AGM of NABARD, Madurai chalked out that the history of the women group formation that lead the nation into development that proved that the unity of the women is the success of our country. He interacted with the participants and explained the activities of the NABARD. He felt very happy when he came to know that the participants had already known some of its activities. Although women are giving hard work for their families, they are very honest in the repayment courses and very sincere in all their activities. He appreciated the true involvement of them. He conveyed his heartfelt greetings to all women participants.  He asked them to start up income generation units successfully and they have to become the prosperous entrepreneurs.

Details training inputs under Resource persons wise:

Name of the Resource Person In-puts he/she has given
Mr. Rajendran, Antena Trust,
  1. Explained the objectives of the women groups, size and functions of a SHG. 
  2. Guided the participants to know that SHGs are the main tool for achieve the socio economic development.
  3. Explained the quorum of the meeting, subjects discuss in it, regular savings, group insurance, internal and bank lending, proper book keeping, importance of the regular repayment.
  4. Advised if the participants have good plan in their hand for each of their activities, the life and every thing will come under the desire of women that will ensure the great success through out the life.
  5. Explained 20 points for the better SHG and described the salient features.
Dr.Palani, Veterinary Doctor
  1. Dealt with need of the vaccination for the household growing animals, income brought from the meat business and milk products.
  2. Explained that country chicken gives good income in these days and they have ever green market.
  3. Explained Government schemes with good subside for fodder developing and domestic animal disease management.
  4. Told about the importance of nutrition based feedings for all domestic animals and birds that ensures better returns.
  5. Advised them to collect locally available fodders and sale that ensures good income without any risk.
Mrs. Kala from Maha Sakthi
  1. Tried to improve the leadership qualities of the participants through introduce some games and interpretation. 
  2. Explained the good impacts of keeping democracy and told that elect leaders once in 3 years is better.
  3. Explained the process of the screen printing in the used sarees that helps them to earn Rs.100 per piece. A person could do 5 pieces so that easily get Rs.500 per day.
Mr.Chellapandi, Trainer
  1. Explained the petty trades in practice at the local.  He suggested the milk production through cow growing/ milk animal farm because milk business has already been proved its success
  2. Shortly explained Service trades and production trades. He gave advice to select the low investment based petty business like head load vending, garments sales, etc.  If the participants try some business through group efforts, they would surely get better profits
  3. Explained the farm trades like goat rearing, honey bee keeping, doves rearing, color fish growing, ready made garments etc. and noted the profit calculation.
Mrs. Parvathi from MMS
  1. Shared her experience in her organization. She has promoted good savings in 900 SHGs and encouraged 3 group businesses among them which are going with rich profit.  She asked the participants to try group business for their welfare.
  2. Asked the groups to involve in women rights, make interventions on the women issues in addition to the regular and routine SHG activities.
Mrs. Rukmani
Mukya Sevika, Chellampatti Panchayath Union.
  1. Explained the Government Schemes and asked the women to strengthen the SHGS and to become role model for their neighbors.
Mrs. Divya, RDO, Indian Bank, Usilampatti
  1. Explained the ratings and its process.  If the groups maintain good accounts and keep books, the bank will offer loan assistances.
Mr.Sankar, Branch Manager, Canara Bank, Chellampatti.
  1. Shared the success of many income generation units. Noted the default of the loan repayments among the males but women repay all dues and complete the course without any compulsion that is easy for the banks. He ready to support the women entrepreneurs when they approach with good track records. He appreciated the group activities.

Experiences of Entrepreneur:

Name of the Prosperous entrepreneur Success stories
She was from Theni and running bags production units very successfully. Explained the success story of a group with 6 members through jute bags production. 2 of them go to the shops and get regular order. Remaining 4 people involves production efforts. Her group members are getting Rs.7,000 as a profit per month a head.  It developed self confidence among the women participants.
Mrs. AnnaLaxmi, MMS Gave advice to increase the monthly savings through the supplementary income from milk production and toys making in the home. Explained local bisleries production and sales.
Mrs. Sankareshwari
Impressed all women when she shared her success in mushroom unit. She explained the shed for mushroom growing, cultivation process and sales promotion.  Her group members now get earnings about Rs.2,000 per head a month.
Improved skills for the self employment
Explained the marketing analysis, bank linkages and need for the timely financial services for continuous run and good profit
Asked the participants to identify and make use of the locally available resources and get better income through hard work.
Mrs. Jothi, Chinnamanur Explained her experience to dry up the tamarind and sale them after processing.
She gave employment for 3 women. Each head is earning Rs.3000 for a month.
Mrs. Muthu Lakshmi
She is doing seasonal business like pickles; rice based items and ‘murucku’ so that she gets Rs.200 a day as extra income.  Explained the importance of marketing in the business. 
Mr.Muthaiah, Valandur Explained his efforts.  He sales all milk at local so that the earning is about Rs.500 per day. He told that supplying milk to the dairy yield low profit but distribute the milk at local saves the transport cost and other expenditures. On the other hand local people buy it with reasonable price that gives good returns.

Impacts of the training:

  • Regularized monthly meetings and ready to discuss the women issues in addition to the savings and other routine activities
  • Better understanding of the strength, weakness and the wrong doings of their SHG activities.
  • Identified their trades in accordance with locally available resources.
  • Improved the contacts with Bank and government authorities.
  • Learnt good lessons about the pros and cons of the income generation activities through hearing the successful stories
  • Taken decision to involve in account keeping and reducing the support of the staff.


It is very happy to note you that the awareness program organized for 5 days between 23rd – 27th May 2012 have brought some positive changes among the women and now they asked trainings for the trades like ready made garments production, candles making, mushroom culture, fodder development, spices making, screen printing and milk bi products.  We are following these women and offering needed counseling.