Women’s Emancipation and Development Trust launched “FAMILY COUNSELING AND LEGAL INTERVENTION CELL” in 1994 to mitigate the agonies of  women.

When a woman faces domestic violence, she has deep mental depression and war in her hearts.  She gets injuries and pain in her physical structure and enjoys hurts in the soul.  She becomes hopeless as well as helpless.  She needs mental peace, physical rest, institutional care and health services away from her home. If she wants to be separated from her husband, she also needs legal aid.

Victimized women and children are provided with counseling, legal knowledge and assistance and short stay facilities to ensure Women Rights.

WED Trust has a record of 1000 cases amicably settled at this Center.   In some cases we worked with the Court and Police Station for solving legal issues. District Magistrate and leading Advocates participated in our Legal Awareness Camps and poured their advices to the audience to eradicate violence against Women. They were moved with our approach on handling the family issues and appreciated our endeavor in solving disputes without heavy expenditure.