N.Logamani, M.A., B.Ed.,

I come from a tiny village Gandhinagar at the outskirts of Chellampatti from the Denotified Piramalai Kallar community. Our community is meant for lavish spending on social occasions like family and religious functions. Having girl children was considered as a real burden for the family, which was the basic reason for the female infanticide. I am so lucky to get survived as the seventh child of my family with three boys and four girls, where female infanticide was at its peak during my childhood. At the primary school, I had the chance of having contact with Christian community and used to attend the church services. I did my high school and degree at Periyakulam at the Institutions run by religious Sisters and during that period, I converted myself into Christianity. My parents accepted my religious conversion though my mother was a typical temple Poosari. My elder sister had an unhappy married life with a drunkard husband, who teased her often-demanding the so called DOWRY from our family. She was  put into a very unpleasant life due to his attitudes. I happened to witness this in my very early age itself and developed a feeling in myself of avoiding marriage and living single, to be able to help neighbours in need. I did my Master's degrees in History and Politics at Madurai Kamaraj University. I was the only female of my village having post graduation. I worked at a Matriculation School for a while till a NGO of our area offered me a job. Since they worked for child development, I joined with them. In the due course, their policies and aptitudes were not fully appreciable for me and so I stopped from their service. I developed the aim of starting my own Institution to implement projects to fulfill my VISION of relieving women from their evils by emancipation and development.   PS Dharmaneethi had the same VISION, which made us join together.  We planned and planned and met villagers of our surrounding area on organizing an Institution to implement the projects we developed in our minds.  All joined together to make us to form WOMEN’S EMANCIPATION AND DEVELOPMENT TRUST with likeminded members and registered into a Non Governmental Organisation.  I feel privileged to be the Founder of such a democratic organization; helping the needy, especially women and children.  Since I am from this area and well known to the target groups, I find it more rewarding for my works.  I find myself one among them and they find me easy to approach and explain their problems, which are solved through WED Trust.  I continue on this service road for almost two decades and am not yet tired with the Service Travel.  I am more than pleased about the results of meeting practically emancipated women and their development gives me more strength to go on and on…


PS.Dharma Neethi M.Sc.,B.L., C.G.T.,

I come from a village called Vellai Malaipatti of Usilampatti Taluk.   I belong to the Denotified tribe community Piramalai Kallar. My family is a middle class agrarian one with six children, three male and three female. I could very well experience the gender inequity at my own home and the village around by the attitudinal trend with male and female children. None of my sisters were sent for higher education, but all the three male ones were encouraged and I had the chance of doing Master's degree in Rural Development and graduation in Law.

Nineteen eighties were the peak period with female infanticide at Usilampatti area, which was internationally exposed by media. On completing my education, I joined with a NGO working at our area on child development with special emphasis on stopping female infanticide. I worked as Block Supervisor at Usilampatti, visiting villages and raising awareness to stop female infanticide.

Being experienced in gender inequity at home itself, I developed my own vision of GENDER EQUITY. I hate who practiced female infanticide and I was used as Police Official by the NGO while promulgating the female infanticide issue into the villages. My own vision was deep rooted into my heart and was working towards achieving it in my own approach.  I kept planning on forming my own organization to implement my planned projects.  I happened to meet Ms.N. Logamani, who had the same vision in mind and we joined together.  We met often to discuss about our plans and formulated our ideas into ARTRICLES, which paved way for WOMEN’S EMANCIPATION AND DEVELOPMENT TRUST.   The evolution was not only our own plans, but also with the sharing of likeminded people and opinions from the people of the target area.  Being both qualified with post graduation, we developed our courage to get into the field to sow our seeds.   We worked and worked to create awareness on the importance of Women – their equal share in the socio – economic fields.  It was not an easy task, but we are proud that we were not pulled down.  I am gifted with the talents of motivating villagers on the projects we implement – for their own development and achieved good rate of success.  I am pleased to see the results; educated and employed Girls, Women leaders in Sangams and Women themselves representing their grievances to the government officials.  They are taken on the way of achieving their own emancipation and development.  Almost twenty years of planned, tested and shared programmes achieved our success.  I am proud to be the Man working for the Women, who are our own Neighbours.  I myself pay due respect to the feminine; have my initials of both my mother and father, Petchiammal Sadayan.  I am married with my lovely wife Latha; one from the four girl children family and gifted with two girl children, Supeka and Dharseka.  I made their initials with both mother and father LD.  I am yet to travel a long way to achieve our LONG ROOTED VISION, having Women well educated, well earned and equally respected.  I know we will achieve it through WED TRUST.