Health Education

  • ‘Health is Wealth’ is the Universally agreed proverb. WED Trust concentrates on this concept and implements projects to improve Health of our target people. We organize ‘Nutrition Demos’ among lactating mothers to prepare different nutritious food with locally available ingredients.
  • We educate on health problems in using open toilets and encourage families to build toilets at the houses by giving micro credit. Women feel happy and safe in using toilets at home.
  • We franchise the Spirulina tablets and candies produced by Antenna Nutritech, Madurai.  It is a complete natural supplement and good for all age groups.
  • WED Trust has been experienced in implementing Reproductive and Child Health programme on Safe Motherhood, Child Survival, Adolescent Health, Family Planning, RTI/STD/HIV/AIDS with the coordination of Government Primary Health Centre to establish the reproductive rights of women and to reduce IMR and MMR.   The Ministry of Health and Family Welfare, Government of India sponsor this program with the technical support of Family Planning Association of India,


  • An evaluation helped us to find out that the poor sanitation and health care situation prevailing in rural area has not supported to achieve the expected improved economical status of rural population. Hence an “Awareness education and Direct Credit to construct Toilet cum Bathroom at home” was designed with the financial support of Antenna Micro Credit Network, Madurai. WED Trust recorded an appreciable percentage of success in this project.