Nursery Rising

As a result of global warming, we should grow up trees and extend green cover for some cooler climate.   We are keeping seedlings and growing some plants on 40 cents leased land. Land was well prepared to get better results. It was fully fenced with Alumni wire on the stone pillars that was covered of green shade net to protect the plants from birds, animals and human beings.  Daily watering is given for all growing plants.  Herbal plants needed for daily cook, vegetables and flower plants are developed in nursery.  We encouraged the women group to grow and keep plants in their kitchen gardens.  We try to promote tree species in the farm lands for better livelihood for the farmers and for bring the environment Green and Clean. 

Plan for next course of years

  • Increase the kitchen garden and ensure fresh vegetables through organic farming in the kitchen gardens
  • Rescue the disappearing medicinal plants in this region through keeping and spreading the seedlings
  • Ensure employment for minimum 10 women in the nursery growing
  • Increase fruit production, timber based products through dry land tree plantation
  • Upgrade good climate in the farm lands.
  • Increase floral culture at local and introduce export floral business