I joined Antenna Trust in Madurai, India for a 3 months mission for the swiss civil service, in order to build a prototype of ecological toilet (ECOSAN toilet). We finally did it with WED Trust in collaboration and support from Antenna Switzerland and Antenna India.

WED Trust is a very serious organization that has a very strong background. As my collaboration illustrate it (ECOSAN toilet is a very complex and sensitive subject), WED Trust team is very determinate and open-minded. If they think something is good and can help the others, they will simply do it, whatever the difficulties they have to face to convince people.

Their determination, they strong belief that inequality between men and women is not a fate, that malnutrition can be cut down, their concern about the destruction of the environment, make them one of the best organization and people I met in my carrier.
As a conclusion, looking in their plates on lunchtime, we can see that WED Trust team is mostly vegetarian which definitively confirm their great sense of concern of the others, included the non-human!

Gwennaël Bolomey
Coopérative 1 mètre cube
Lausanne, Switzerland



I am in contact with WED TRUST for the past seven years.  At the outset, I like their approach with the target groups, planning for the projects and implementing them with the cooperation of the target groups. 

Both the Directors Mr. Dharmaneethi and Ms. Logamani come from the target area and they both have full knowledge of the beneficiaries.  I like their contact with the beneficiaries, handling their issues and settling them appreciably.  I happened to train their staff, visit the target areas and beneficiaries and was pleased with the ways they adopted in planning, implementing and evaluating their projects.  My appreciation on them is on the PROTECTION OF GIRL CHILD IN THEIR AREA. 

I read stories of female foeticide and infanticide through many media and happened to find it directly after having contact with WED TRUST.  I have my full appreciation for WED TRUST on handling this issue and almost achieved hundred percent success by their possible ways of approach with the people to give the importance of girl children and the women development at the current situation like THE FIRST LADY OF INDIA and many Chief Ministers. 

I can very well recommend for WED TRUST that they have enough potential to lead and contribute towards the development of their target groups.  I wish them every success in all their endeavors towards the development of their target groups.

Anthony Sebastian.
Thirumangalam, Madurai.


September 07, 2011

We partnered with them in some of the programmes such as Creation of Plastic litter free village, Micro Credit programme for Marginalized and poor women to enhance their economic empowerment and development. We enjoyed their cooperation, solidarity, professional input, well. We feel proud to be partnered with WED Trust. Their other programmes were well implemented and are doing better work. We wish them success in all their efforts towards development and empowerment of disadvantaged, vulnerable, marginalized and poor

Rajendran Mahalingam
Exist Trust


January 24, 2011.

To Whom It May Concern:

This letter is in support of activities and programs of the Women’s Emancipation and Development (WED) Trust, Tamilnadu, India.

Antenna Nutritech Foundation is a registered organization working with almost 100 NGO's fourteen states across India to combat malnutrition among children and women with the micro alga-Spirulina promotion and supplementation.

WED Trust is partner NGO of Antenna Nutritech Foundation in the innovative Spirulina Rural Promotion Campaign (SRPC). We work with them since 2008 to combat malnutrition and to make Spirulina Promotion as an income generation to the women and their SHGs.

With the active participation of WED Trust in Spirulina Promotion, We could reach six thousand beneficiary children and women through the last eighteen months.

As a result we have decided to support WED Trust to start a pilot Spirulina Production centre in their working area with the proposed grant of Rs. 120,000 and loan of Rs. 300,000 this year.

We are full of support of WED Trust and its activities and we are confident and proud of being a partner of the organization. 


Antenna Nutritech Foundation



January 21, 2011.

To Whom It May Concern:

Women’s Emancipation and Development (WED) Trust, is one of the grass root level partner NGO of Antenna’s Micro Credit Network. We support them with micro credit fund to the tune of INR 5 million since 2008 to implement income generation projects among poor women, families with only girl children and elderly people.

WED Trust is always sincere and innovative in solving different problems the poor women are facing hence our Network supported them with INR 70,000 for developing a Plastic Litter Free Village during the year 2010-11 and the same is progressing well with the active participation of the whole village people. 

We have attended number of programs organized by them and witnessed the impacts they have on the community they serve. The community members we have interviewed have given profound testimonials on the dedication of the staff members of WED Trust, the immediate benefits and programs and on the organization’s leadership in the community.

We can vouch for the WED Trust’s service to the community, It is an added benefit to the improvement of the lives of deprived people of the area.  We wish them all the best in their endeavor. 


R.Deva Manoharan
Founder Cum Managing Trustee
Antenna Mirco Credit Network
Email: antennaindia2007@yahoo.com

June 25, 2003

To whom It may Concern:

This letter is in support of the activities and programs of the Women’s Emancipation and Development Trust, Tamilnadu.

I became aware of the many activities and programmes that WED Trust has been conducting whilst interning for a development NGO in India. I have attended various programmes given by the organization and have witnessed the impact they have on the community they serve.  Their programmes reach all spheres of the rural poor.  In addition to this, the community members I interviewed have profound testimonials on the dedication of the staff members of WED trust. The immediate benefits of their programmes and activities, and on the organisation’s leadership in the community. This was evident when I attended a community fund-raiser for school children sponsored by WED Trust.  The support they received from the community showed how much the organization has an impact on the community.

I can truly say that the organization’s service to the community is an added benefit to the improvement of the lives of the people in their district.  Once again, I am in full support of WED Trust’s activities and programmes and am truly thankful for them letting me be a small part of their organization. 


J. Anthony Frederick
International Movement against All Forms of
Discrimination and Racism (IMADR) – Asia Committee
Sri Lanka


November 22,2000

Dear Sirs and Mesdames,

This letter is in support of the Women’s Emancipation and Development Trust in Chellampatti, Tamilnadu India.

I first read about the WED Trust in 1994 an article in the Los Angeles Times. The Times reporter as impressed with their work, and so was I after reading his article, so I wrote him, got their address, and sent them a donation. They responded immediately and were very appreciative.  I have been sending them money twice a year ever since. By now I feel I know quite a bit about the founders and the work that the Trust does.

Their work is to me exceedingly worthwhile. Over the years they have sent me descriptions of their activities including photographic, newspaper clippings, and recently a couple of brouchers they have produced. I have found their basic philosophy and goals sound, their approaches practical and their dedication unchallengeable.

In their dealings with me, they have been reliable, prompt, efficient, considerate, and most appreciative. This is the truly grass roots organization working hard to improve the lot of rural women children. I recommend them highly for your support.

Dr.Stan Winter


This is to Certify that the WED Trust, a voluntary organization who train our B.Sc., Rural Development Science students, two days in a week, exposing them to all social realities.

They also involve in our students in organizing various Rural Development Programmes including, women contact programs. The services of WED Trust is commendable. I wish them all success.

Department of Rural Development Science
Arul Anandar College, Karumathur, Madurai – 625 51