Women in India still face economic and social discrimination, be it at work or at home. They generally do not enjoy the same social status as men, and are often the victims of violence.

Due to various awareness education programs conducted by WED Trust, the rural women came forward to organize themselves into groups for experience sharing, thrift and credit, training, and participation in politics. Improving the women’s status in the family and in the community by making them participate in the decision making process is the main aim of promoting Women Sangams.

WED Trust facilitate these Sangams and linked with existing banking and NGO sectors, support with micro credit facilities to start up income generation units like goat rearing, dairy farm, petty shops and agri-allied small business which prepare them to own properties and assets.

The Block level Federation of Women Sangams “MURAM” is working to get basic needs and to achieve gender equity, violent free and environmentally sustainable society.

WED Trust has developed the Future Plan of Strengthening Block level Federation, which brings more women leaders involved with local Panchayath Raj Institutions and “Women Banking” to satisfy all their socio economical and political needs to make them EMANCIPATED AND DEVELOPED WOMEN.